Xpress Station

Measure Your Success

Xpress Station

Complaints Management System, Suggestions Management System and Customer Satisfaction Surveys in one package

Xpress Station
Supports Five Languages
Xpress Station
Unlimited survey questions
Xpress Station
Up to 5 answers for each question
Xpress Station
All questions must have an answer
Xpress Station
Get comments and suggestions
Xpress Station
Finished under 30 seconds

Top Features

Your Questions

Change the survey questions any time

Multi Outlets

Each outlet can have its own survey questions

Up To 5 Answers

Make it simple and fast for guests to respond to your survey

Easy To Respond

Clear and simple icons that any guest will understand

Collect Guests' Comments

Guests can provide their comments with confidence

Convert To Complaints

Convert guest commets to complaints and follow up the resolution

Convert To Suggestions

Convert guest commets to suggestions and follow up the implementation

Convert To Compliments

Convert guest commets to compliments and pick employee of the month

The Control Panel

Xpress Mobile

Xpress Mobile let you receive the comments of your customers on your mobile.

Xpress Mobile - Main Screen
Date, Outlet and Comments
Xpress Mobile - Filter By Date
Filter by date
Xpress Mobile - Filter By Outlet
Filter by outlet
Xpress Mobile - Answers of the survey
Focus on important things
Xpress Mobile - Add To Complaints, Add To Suggestions, Add To Compliments
Follow up the comments
Xpress Mobile - Add To Contacts, Call or text the guest
Call, Text or Add