About Us

Xpress Station is a product of Bosphorus Solutions

We are a software company focusing on enhancing the customer experience.

Our clients are Restaurants, Hotels, Health Care, Banks, and Government Agencies.

The adventure of Xpress Station started with a thought of Bosphorus Solutions founder and general manager Mr. Firas Shrourou back in 2011.

Mr. Firas Shrourou was the head of personal products and branches in one of the leading banks in the middle east, he thought that the traditional complaint box and suggestion card is not sufficient anymore, complaints are taking too much time to reach the management, and the customer often will not be pleased if his/her complaint was resolved but too late.

The Xpress Station product was born to replace the traditional complaint box in the bank with tablets that are used to collect customer's feed back and directly reach the concern manger in the branch where the manager can resolve the complaint on the spot and immediately, if the complaint was not resolved by the branch manger, the regional manager will step in and try to solve the complaint.

The introduction of Xpress Station inside the bank led to a great customer experience, resulted in more satisfaction rates and thus more happy customers.

Xpress Station can help retain your customer base, increase their satisfaction rate and thus increase your revenue.